Wenger greets Arsenal: a big party at the Emirates

Last home game by Arsenal coach for the Frenchman who leaves the Gunners after 22 years. The 5-0 at Burnley is almost a detail. A thought for Ferguson, then the message: “I am one of you, a fan, and I leave a special group”

Five goals at Burnley, the parade of honor in which Claret coach Sean Dyche and a touched Emirates have also welcomed Arsene Wenger to the last home game at Arsenal. The French coach shakes hands with the Gunners and the Premier after 22 years. Next Sunday, the final goodbye on the field of Huddersfield, but this race, the number 1.233 of the French coach on the bench of the London club, enters the book of memories.Follow VIP betting vox football tips.

5-0 (two goals from Aubameyang in the 14th and 75th minutes, Lacazette’s 48th-minute goal, Kolasinac in the 54th minute and Iwobi in the 64th minute) is almost a detail. It was Wenger’s party, in front of an audience that wore the “Merci Arsene” T-shirt and that after months of protest by a group of fans that was pressing for the departure of the French technician – the “Wenger Out” party – has regrouped on the day of emotions. Wenger was forced to step aside: his desire was to continue the adventure with the Gunners. On this particular afternoon, the bad thoughts were however set aside, in the name of the tribute to a man who wrote the history of Arsenal.

Wenger greeted with words of encouragement Sir Alex Ferguson, operated on Saturday urgently for a cerebral hemorrhage: a gesture of class, which reciprocated the homage reserved to Arsene himself seven days ago at the Old Trafford. “I’ll miss you” – At the end of the match Wenger greeted his people with emotion: “It was a wonderful adventure. Thank you for being with you for many years. First of all, I’m one of you, an Arsenal fan. This group of players that I leave is something special. I ask you to support them next season because they deserve it. I want to greet you with a single sentence: I will miss you. Thank you for representing an important part of my life and I hope to see you again soon “.